photos by Agnes Thor

CD / Vinyl Pre-Sale
Ordering advance copies of the upcoming Famous October album helps to support the making of the album and ensures that you are the first to get a copy before it is available on iTunes and in stores. Buy in bulk for friends and we cut you a deal! Signed and Personalized copies are also available to you.
*All CD prices include shipping.


Goodie Bag:
You will receive 2 signed CDs plus a handmade greeting card from the artist to a recipient of your choice.
Goodie Bag Deluxe:
You will receive 2 Signed CDs, MP3 pre-release download, 1 Vinyl Record and handmade greeting card.
Goodie Bag Super Deluxe:
Individuals! Famous October will arrange and record a personal duo version of a song from the upcoming album, and send you this one of a kind performance via MP3 to your inbox. You will also receive 2 signed copies of the Famous October CD.


Pre Listening Party
You will receive 1 signed CD & 1 ticket for the pre listening party at the Pillow Song Loft incl. finger food and welcome drink. The listening party will be within the next few months and has a limited capacity of 25 people.

** Travel expenses not included.

By clicking and filling out the form bellow you can place your order. THANK YOU!